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When Dana reached out to me to ask whether Zuit makes suits for transgender people, I immediately asked her if we could do a “mall day.” I wanted to know what it was like for her to shop and what she wanted in a suit. We strolled through the women’s suit department pausing to try on a jacket here and there. Without the 1000 leading questions I wanted to ask, she summarized them as “drab.”

She described a suit she used to own but that she discarded out of shame at the end of a particular trip where she was harassed in a mall by some teenage girls and became able to express herself as woman in public. She explained to me it is a common practice among transgender people to “purge” their clothing if a wave of shame hits. We set off to recreate and improve her favorite suit. Below are photos of Dana in her teal jacket and high wasted pencil skirt.

In addition to rocking a teal high wasted business skirt and jacket, Dana is a writer, researcher and veteran. She has a PhD from Princeton University in physiological psychology, has won many Federal grants and contracts and has published three books on being transgender.

Due to the recent federal ban I asked if she would share her thoughts. Here is what she shared with me:

“You cannot get rid of transgender people in the military. They are some of the most patriotic and loyal people, I have known. Even in the past when being transgender was forbidden and they had to live in secret, they joined up at a rate twice that of their peers. The facts refute all of the suggested arguments to keep transgender folks out of the military.”

We think you also look great in purple and have really helpful information to share in this video for The Advocate:

You can read more from Dana on her blog or in her three books:

The Transsexual Scientist: combines biology with autobiography as she came to learn about transgenderism throughout her life

Being Transgender: explains what is known about transgender causation, what life as a transgendered individual is like, and the science involved in living a transgender life

The Psychobiology of Transsexualism and Transgenderism: on the biology of being transgender with a helpful review of evidence across 22 scientific disciplines

You will be able to see her on YouTube in a few months, giving a transgender science basics course.

Thank you Dana for letting us capture you in your Zuit and for all you are doing to speak out as a transgender scientist. You are a beautiful and inspiring woman in many ways!

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