Ready to Wear Zuit Launching Soon

Zuit on 11 Alive's Atlanta Tech Edge

Zuit had the opportunity to interview with Cara Kneer on 11 Alive's Atlanta Tech Edge about women's suiting and to participate in the Startup Panel discussion. Watch the interview below:


Here are some behind the scenes photos including getting to meet my HERO Ellen...

Thanks for the softballs Cara!




I finally got to meet ELLEN!


Spotted this gem inside the studio. #mission


So THIS is where the news comes from!


Ready to rack n' roll off to the studio! For the record off roading this rack actually ended in the plastic shattering in the 11 Alive parking lot and we had to tape it back together for the shoot. #startupproblems


It was awesome to share with Atlanta Tech Edge about the ways technology can help improve women's suiting. We are not currently using 3D body scanning because in person measuring is more accurate but we are excited to watch as this technology improves. We see this technology coming soon on smartphones and hope to integrate when it is available. Thank you 11 Alive for having us to your studio! 


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