Women's Made to Measure suits Launching Soon

Zuit Interview with Atlanta Magazine

In August, 2015 Zuit had the opportunity to interview with Atlanta Magazine. Read the web article here: http://www.atlantamagazine.com/style/atlanta-based-zuit-makes-modern-stylish-womens-suits/

One minor correction: the article should say we were "struck by the suits available for men," not "women."

 And here are some shots of the article in print: 



In the crazy small world of Atlanta, I had already met with Alex and Alynn about doing a photo shoot. I am a huge fan of Alex's work, especially his shoot of Janelle Monae for Bust Magazine. It was such a gift to get to have him do this shoot. 


Behind the scenes at the photo shoot:





Pretty much just what I look like in the floral suit. That's a wrap! A tremendous thanks to the Atlanta Magazine team, Alex and Alynn for this opportunity! 

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