How It Works


1. Get Measured

Take our measurement form to your local tailor or schedule an online consultation.


2. Pick Your Fabrics

Pick from high-quality super wools, beautiful linings and add custom monogramming.


3. Sewn, Sealed, Delivered

Your custom suit is then cut, sewn and delivered to fit your shape and style.

The Art of Suiting


Elegant super wools, silky linings

Pick from a variety of Super 120s wool colors. This finely made wool looks elegant and has a soft drape. Wool is the best material for a suit because it reacts naturally to your body temperature, retaining heat in the winter and keeping you cool in the summer. Our linings are pretty and silky, with the option to add a personalized monogram or quote.



Attention to detail

We use only high-quality materials because we believe a suit is an investment made to last. We offer horn buttons, which are sturdy, shiny and sustainable. We will be introducing gold, brown and other unique blazer buttons soon!


Custom Tailoring


Nothing matches made-to-measure

There is nothing like a piece of clothing made just for you. We take 22 measurements which are used to outline the cut of your suit. Thanks to four layers of durable canvassing, the suit will mold to your body and maintain structure for years to come. Download our measurement form and take to your local tailor or email us to schedule a fitting.

Our pattern tailored to you

Once we gather your measurements, they are overlayed onto our pattern. The pattern is then altered for the custom fit and placed over sheets of wool for cutting and sewing. Thanks to technology, several steps of this process are done by machine but it also includes several steps of personal touch, pressing, monogramming and stiching.


Upcoming Atlanta Events

We can't wait to show you our materials and samples in person. As soon as we have a sample set we will be hosting a series of events in Atlanta.
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Suits, Blazers & More

Our suits start at $600. A suit includes a jacket and pants or a jacket and skirt. A la carte blazers start at $295. Suit bundles with jacket, skirt and pants start at $700.

Coming Soon: Suit Rentals

Need a suit for an interview or special occasion? We offer suit rentals starting at $95. These suits are not made to measure but by collecting your measurements we can still ensure fit. Rentals last one week.